GRISHJÄRTA BOOK - Hardcover Limited 200 Copies

Third edition of Grishjärta. Hard cover, large A5 format edition with four new illustrations by HAL collaborator Costin Chioreanu.

Limited to 200 handnumbered copies and signed "Grishjärta" by Il Capitano; Nattramn.

First 30 copies comes with handnumbered Grishjärta poster.

"After the musical projects Silencer and Diagnose: Lebensgefahr, Nattramn hereby takes art into a new direction by releasing his first book.
With the allegorical title "Grishjärta" or "Pig´s Heart", this book will grant you an opportunity to step inside the doggerwerk of the mind of Nattramn. Read all written material since the last fifteen years and dive into the depths of the more recent material. Subjects drifts from life as a prisoner of your mind - to what true freedom ultimately is and what living life as a non-human truly means.
A pungent odor of decomposing corpses is always close at hand in order to remind you of what, and who you really are.
Nattramn writes in a variety of emotions, moods and altered mental states - from intense manic fire to cold apathetic dark waters.
Liberating and yet deeply depressive and with a neverending urge to "turn it all off".
Read this book as pure poetry or use it for what it is truly intended for:
A guideline to reject the human being - invoke the animal and reach the level beyond human!"






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